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Can I apply if I already received funding from the ÖH?

If you have already received financial aid from the social fund of the Federal Austrian Students Union (ÖH) or some subsidy from the ÖH at your personal academic institution during the last year, you are not eligible to apply.
However, this only applies if the previous application has been accepted. In instances where past requests have been denied, submission is still possible.

How can I reduce the file size of my documents?

Since there is a restriction for file size (10MB) you can find an explanation to downsize your files here.

It is best to upload your documents as pdfs since they are generally smaller in size. If you want to upload multiple documents at once you can create a ZIP folder. To do so, save all the files in a folder. Click right to select “send to” and then select “compressed (zipped) folder”.

How can I get my account statements?

If you have access to online banking you can easily download your account statements. Since this is different from bank to bank it is best to use the search function. In most cases you can find it under “transactions” or “Schließfach”.

If you do not have access to online banking you can go to your local bank and get your accounts printed. Please pay attention to completeness and good visualization when scanning them. Please use a normal scanner or a “Photo to Scan” app.
No matter if you use online banking or not: it is very important that you upload statements of all of your accounts.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

If you have more detailed questions that weren’t answered by the FAQs, contact us via email at: coronafonds@oeh.ac.at. Please do not inquire information about the status of your application - you will receive the results as soon as processing is done.

What should I do, if I don’t have access to all the required documents?

We need all necessary documents that can verify your financial situation. If you currently don’t have access to the required documents, write an detailed account explaining your situation under the item “reasons for application” in the application form.

Can I write the “reasons for application” in English?


Can third-country students apply?

Yes, all third-country students that are currently enrolled at an Austrian university can apply.

How can i create/edit a PDF file for the upload of the application form?

We ask you to upload your documents so we can process them easier.

Text to PDF
Converting text documents into pdf formate
It is very easy to create a pdf. Open your document in your word-processing program like word or pages.

You can find the option to “export” under “file” and use it to save your document as a pdf. Alternatively you can click on the print button and select “save as pdf” as your printer.

Photo to PDF
Open your photo preview program and open the option “print” under the menu “file”. When selecting the printer you can choose “print to pdf” and save your photo as a pdf.

Can I reapply after my application got rejected?

Reapplication is possible if the application was incomplete or if your financial situation has changed since the previous submission of your request.

Why has my application been declined?

Requests will be rejected if the application form was incomplete or the conditions set in the present guidelines were not fulfilled.